Fully Funded Studies

  • For Master student, a fellowship of $21,000 CAN per annum
  • For PhD student, a fellowship of $24,000 CAN per annum
  • For students with scholarships from the government, a top-up of 12,000$ per annum

Scholarships and financial aid

For financial assistance, including admission scholarship, scholarships offered during studies,
on-campus jobs, student loans and bursaries for undergraduate and graduate studies, please
check the details:

Besides, Université Laval allows all students enrolled in a PhD program to be exempted from
supplemental tuition fees, a study cost reduction of $35,000. Please check the details:

International students

For other government loans and scholarships, please check the details.

The faculty and department also provide merit-based graduate awards to graduate students in good
standing. Please check the details:

General information

To receive these awards, you must complete the report each semester (“rapport de session”), as well as
other forms available online:

If you have any questions, contact Wen Zhang:

418 656 2131, Extension 405802